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These days, providing a quiet environment away from urban noise is one of the main concerns of people in the community. Noise is a biological stressor that exacerbates the body’s chemical mechanism for arousal and alertness, and consequently noise can create conditions associated with chronic stress and many neurological diseases.

Unfortunately, due to lower costs in construction and higher profits, in many buildings under construction or built in the country, not only the standard thickness of the joint walls of the apartments is not observed, but does not have standard sound insulations which cause the passage Sound is distracting from the surroundings and calm the inhabitants.

Today, they are using construction materials that have the most economic justification for the constructor. Therefore, the walls in the newly built flats of thin walls are hollow bricks that easily surround the neighboring sounds of the sound of the TV, the ring tones Phone, music, and even a voice
Clear will be heard.

    In order to overcome this problem, certain coatings should be applied on the walls or inside them, so that the disturbing sound transmitted from the periphery falls significantly.
Sound insulation is also possible in the apartments and houses being inhabited and in the building being under construction.

An insulated group with many years of experience will help you to solve this problem with “best materials” and “most suitable price”.

It is noteworthy that people who recently introduced an insulator called “Mineral Plus” and use it as sound insulation are intended to profit from customers. Mineral Plus is a pure thermal insulation and no sound insulation. Click here to view its properties and catalogs.
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